Welcome to Spinnaker Café! A place where you always feel at home and are welcomed with a warm smile. Owners, Ruth Hobbs and Susanne Duryea have been providing their customers with fresh homestyle food since they opened the café in Blind Bay in October 2015. Susanne, originally from New York, is an accomplished chef and opened her first restaurant, also named Spinnaker Café, in Englewood, Florida in 1989. England native, Ruth joined Susanne in 2003 and together, they built their business until they sold it in 2007. With the intent of retiring in Blind Bay after moving from Vancouver, Ruth and Susanne saw an imminent need for a local gathering place where neighbours could enjoy homemade comfort food, and thus, Spinnaker Café was reborn! Since opening their doors, customers feast on daily created soups and specials and freshly baked pies, cakes and pastries. One thing they are most proud of is that nothing in their café is processed. They brine and smoke their back bacon and salmon and their beef and turkey are all roasted in-house. Ruth’s baked goods are all made from scratch and only served with real whipped cream! Susanne, Ruth and their friendly staff welcome you to come for a visit and see for yourself why Spinnaker Café is becoming the iconic “go-to” meeting place for the best food in town.

Teenagers dining on the patio at Spinnaker Cafe