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Specials April 13th  to April 19th, 2021

Tuesday April 13th

Cheeseburger & Fries!

6oz all beef patty, w/lettuce, tomato, nayo, & fries.


Wednesday April  14th

Bruschetta Veggie Burger !

on sourdough toast, w/tomatoes, basil pesto aioli, balsamic reduction, mozzarella, & soup, salad, or fries.


Thursday April  15th

Loaded Pork Schnitzel Panini!

on a warm baguette, w/back bacon, swiss cheese, & cajun fries, or coleslaw.


Friday April 16th

Friday Night Fish Fry!! Open Until 6pm!

8.5 oz haddock w/a pile of fries & coleslaw.


Saturday April 17th

Denver Benny!

on sourdough toast, w/braised peppers & onions, back bacon, cheddar cheese, & hash browns.


Sunday April  18th

Smoked Salmon Scrambler!

w/feta cheese, spring onions, on a crispy potato pancake, w/lemon dill hollandaise, & hash browns.


 Closed Monday April 19th